Agricultural Tourism with horses in le Marche
Gay friendly farm holiday
28 Marzo 2015

Agricultural Tourism with horses in le Marche


logo fitetrecAre you looking for an alternative holiday involving horses in the Marche region?

You’re in the right place, welcome!.

“Il Posto delle Viole” is a horse friendly structure in Cagli in the Marche region, on the Umbrian border. The centre is immersed in the lush Marche countryside which is why it’s so perfect as the ideal place for whoever wants to spend their holiday in an agricultural ambient in touch with nature and horses.

These horses from Catria are a race deeply rooted in this territory being part of tradition thus representing a piece of history and identity which local residents, and all of us at “Il Posto delle Viole” are very proud of. We strive to maintain these traditions and introduce these horses to as many people as possible.

To mark the strong link that “Il Posto delle Viole” has with the territory, we are proposing to realise a Catria Horse Trail dedicated to horse rides in the Marche region.


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The Stables

The stables host 3 horses from Catria in Wintertime and 5 in Summertime.

Are you a larger group?

No problem, we can host up to 10 horses in our stables!

The horses have 2 large paddocks at their disposal in which they can roam freely during the day and 6 internal boxes, all very close to the centre.

Every day the horses eat approx. 10-15Kg of hay and a rich meal and are fully cleaned before and after each lesson: always ready for a trot, a gallop or a simple relaxing walk!

The horses

Our resident horses are Quick, Alina and Marisol.
See their features in the right ->


During the walks which are usually 1 hour or 1.5-2 hours long we explore the surrounding Marche territory: from the slopes of Mount Catria to the suggestive Frontone Castle. These trips can vary in time depending on the riders preparation.

The route varies depending on duration and is checked beforehand to test the difficulty rating and better prepare the riders.

Horse riding lessons in the Marche

We organise half-hour riding lessons for children who approach this marvellous discipline for the first time.

Adventure time with horses

For children from 6 to 14 we organise “adventure time with horses” lasting 2 hours and consisting in acquiring confidence with horses and their behaviour and capacity to move and play together.

You’re already experienced but want to improve your technique?

We organise level lessons lasting one hour for children and adults of an advanced category, to improve the riders equestrian technique and the horses physical and mental condition.

Excursions with horses in the Marche region: prices and restrictions

  • Ride of at least 2 hours €35
  • Half day (4 hours) €50
  • Full day (8 hours) €70

The service includes riding cap, body protection and gloves.

The trips are led by 2 licensed horse riders recognised by the Fitetrec (Italian Federation of Equestrian Tourism and Trekking – Ante).

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance for arranging lessons and preparing the horses.

You have your own horse? Contact us and join in for excursions, overnight stays and meals!


The minimum age for horse riding is 14, from 14 to 18 the presence of a parent is required.

We don’t want to give weight limits but common sense is appreciated. Unfortunately an excessive weight could be dangerous not only to the horse but also to the rider.

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